Dennis Cameron, 29 Jun 2017 11:27:43 -0700en-us<![CDATA[Tetelestai]]>, 29 Jun 2017 11:27:43 -0700

I started writing this song about 7 months ago. It took several directions before I pulled it into this arrangement. It is so fitting that I finished recording it on Passover weekend and came across this video animation at the same time, so I borrowed the title from the original video, Tetelestai (Greek - It is finished).

These were the last words of Jesus Christ on the cross:

John 19
28Jesus knew that his mission was now finished, and to fulfill Scripture he said, “I am thirsty.” 29A jar of sour wine was sitting there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put it on a hyssop branch, and held it up to his lips. 30When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.

The animated scenes in this video were used by permission. The original animation can be found at

I've added a few edits in the video so that it flows with the music but the original can be viewed at Full of Eyes. Chris Powers does incredible artwork and animations, please check them out.

<![CDATA[Home]]>, 29 Jun 2017 11:23:55 -0700Quite a few people have been asking where they can get copies of the music that I've been uploading, so I decided to make them available for download.  I've also decided to let people download the music for free and give them opportunity to support by donations if they so choose.

I'll be using donations to fund some better equipment that I know I am lacking in my little home studio for producing better quality recordings.

<![CDATA[About]]>, 22 Jun 2017 8:57:06 -0700A little about me, my name is Dennis Cameron and I was the guitarist/songwriter for a project band called Angelica from 1989 to 1992, most of the visitors to this site will know of me from that era.  I also did a brief stint in Michael Sweet's (Stryper) solo band as lead guitarist between my first and second semester of college, it was a cool experience as well.

Music is not a full time profession for me these days and the music I write/record is just an overflow of my faith as a Christian.  I still enjoy the recording process and playing guitar immensely though and sometimes get lost in the studio for weekends at a time.

I won't bother rambling on here but I do invite you to contact me if you would like to ramble back and forth with me, this way I get to know who I'm talking to!  Feel free to comment or ask questions, I've heard it all over the years .... :)

God Bless,


<![CDATA[Contact]]>, 22 Jun 2017 6:55:19 -0700Please feel free to contact me at anytime.


Dennis Cameron

<![CDATA[Media]]>, 22 Jun 2017 6:54:20 -0700All Media available for free downloads.

I will continue to produce new music and be making it available this way.

I hope you enjoy and are blessed by it.

<![CDATA[Psalm 91]]>, 21 Jun 2017 5:01:11 -0700

A rock instrumental piece that I wrote and recorded to honor the Great and Glorious God that I serve through faith in my Lord - Jesus Christ. Psalm 91 is a promise of God for those who choose to serve and follow Him.

Music written and recorded by: Dennis Cameron.

Mastered by: Rick Brantley at All These Sounds Studio

Special Guest on bass: Paul 'Otis' Oatway

<![CDATA[Found My Way]]>, 21 Jun 2017 5:00:12 -0700

I've been a Christian believer for 26 years now and it wasn't until about 14 months ago that I decided to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ all that scripture tells us to, all 100%. I find it impossible to capture in words the tremendous changes and blessings God has performed in my life in this short time. The peace and fulfillment is indescribably, I hope this song has captured some of the joy I feel and paints a picture of the living water that flows from my heart.

I finally walk the narrow road, thank you Lord Jesus!

<![CDATA[Gumbo]]>, 21 Jun 2017 4:58:58 -0700

Musik, especially with gelatinous guitarpods used in cooking and shredding.
(in Cajun cooking) a spicy chicken pickin or shredfood soup thickened typically with okra or riffs.
plural noun: gumbos

2. A whole bunch a' pickin n' riffin stewed together with some knee slappin' flicker pictures.

<![CDATA[Chick'n Pick'n]]>, 21 Jun 2017 4:49:51 -0700

Just a pickin' tune that I put together after a long time of 'woodshedding' some country style chicken pickin and listening to players like Brent Mason, Guthrie Trapp and Johnny Hiland. I also used it to learn a little of Final Cut Pro X to make things a little more interesting.

<![CDATA[The Remnant]]>, 21 Jun 2017 4:47:53 -0700

Here's a song I wrote and recorded over the Labor Day weekend 2017, I hope you enjoy.