A little about me, my name is Dennis Cameron and I was the guitarist/songwriter for a project band called Angelica from 1989 to 1992, most of the visitors to this site will know of me from that era.  I also did a brief stint in Michael Sweet's (Stryper) solo band as lead guitarist between my first and second semester of college, it was a cool experience as well.

Music is not a full time profession for me these days and the music I write/record is just an overflow of my faith as a Christian.  I still enjoy the recording process and playing guitar immensely though and sometimes get lost in the studio for weekends at a time.

I won't bother rambling on here but I do invite you to contact me if you would like to ramble back and forth with me, this way I get to know who I'm talking to!  Feel free to comment or ask questions, I've heard it all over the years .... :)

God Bless,